What Do Core Values Say About Your Company?

When you work for, or with, a company with strong core values, you’ll know it. Core values define and guide every single business decision, the company’s culture, and even the customer or client experience. Whether it is short-term decision making or long-term strategic thinking, the core values should be at the forefront of every discussion. Here at AWH we have eight core values we live and work by. Everything we do, from recruiting to how we treat our clients, is driven by our core values.

1. Awesome Comes Standard

2. Results Focused

3. Transparent

4. Stay Curious

5. Deliver

6. Own Selflessly

7. Situational Awareness

8. Integrity

Awesome Comes Standard

Results Focused


Stay Curious


Own Selflessly

This sentiment is reiterated by Tommy Elliot, Software Development Team Lead, when he says, “Own Selflessly is important for me, and for all of the team. When we all take ownership of our work, there aren’t gaps in features, or gaps in communication, or people trying to shovel difficult tasks off their plate to someone else. Each of us is responsible for completing our work, and we do what it takes to see our tasks to completion.” When we put an emphasis on accountability and take out human egos, we build better teams and in turn better digital products.

Situational Awareness


All of these core values combined make us who we are and defines our every decision. At AWH our core values are integral to our company culture, ethics, and performance. We are an elite team of digital product creators and data problem solvers. This isn’t just a catchy slogan; this is what and who we are. By following our core values, we continue to achieve greatness for our clients and for our team members. If you are looking for a great place to work or a digital product consultancy that you can trust, contact us. When you partner with AWH you get Integrity, Situational Awareness, Selfless Ownership, Curiosity, Transparency, Results, and of course, the high standard of Awesomeness.

-Taylor Miller, Marketing Strategist at AWH

An elite team of product creators and data problem solvers.

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