Tracking Improvement in a Creative Profession

  • Purpose: It is critical for creators and innovators to understand what drives and motivates them. It isn’t probably the same things that drive and motivate people in other professions. Understanding why you have chosen to be a creator of some sort is the first step in knowing why you are doing it and how you then might be able to measure whether you are getting better over time.
  • Clarity: This is likely a result of purpose. The group ended up with a consensus that one of the ways to know if you are getting better in such a loosely defined craft of entrepreneurship and innovation is clarity. What previously seemed out of reach, blurry, or practically impossible now seems clearer and closer. The clarity comes from the relentless pursuit of a problem and an appropriate solution with a ton of experimentation along the way. Much like an investigator or scientist will use process of elimination to gain clarity, so do entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Confidence: Continuing the cascade affect, confidence is an outcome of greater clarity. When a problem becomes clearer, so too does the solution, and we become more confident. Entrepreneurs and innovators almost always start out with a lack of confidence, because things are so uncertain around what they are trying to do. Confidence at the early stages of a new entrepreneurial or innovative endeavor is often hollow confidence because not much is known or figured out yet. But as clarity increases, confidence increases.
  • Decision making: Faster and better decision making is where we ultimately ended up with the discussion. Improved decision making was the most impactful way of identifying whether an entrepreneur or innovator was getting better at their craft. Good decision making is a result of the above measures and is also representative of someone’s skills and expertise getting better. The speed at which entrepreneurs and innovators can learn, take in new information, and make decisions is paramount to being successful. Decision making is a skill just like any other skill, and the ability to make decisions quickly is imperative to entrepreneurs and innovators.

-Ryan Frederick, Principal at AWH. We are helping companies fuel growth through technology.



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