Please help vote The Access Strength™ for IDEA’s People’s Choice

Our client, Include Fitness, is up for an important design award. We hope you will consider voting for them.

From the Founder & CEO Ryan Eder:

In 2007, IncludeFitness got its start by winning Gold, Best in Show, and People’s Choice in the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). In subsequent years, Apple, Nike, and Tesla were garnered with this same award.

Now, nine years later, IF is poised to do it again. Due to the advancements of the platform since its original recognition, we are officially a 2016 IDEA Top Winner. What does this mean? We will either win a Gold or Silver, and even have the potential to win Best in Show once again. Winners will be announced live on Wednesday, August 17th at the IDSA Gala.

This also means we are candidates for the 2016 People’s Choice Award. Voting is open to the public and we are reaching out to our network to help support a repeat, beat out competitors such as Bentley, BMW, Dell & Google, and win this coveted award once again.

To help vote:

We sincerely appreciate the support throughout the years and look forward to sharing the results in August!

Many thanks,


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