Using AI to Transform How Physical Therapy is Done

Artificial Intelligence graphic

How can artificial intelligence revolutionize an entire industry?

To see the full story, check out this that walks you through the process of developing a digital product that leverages AI to change the way physical therapy is done.

In summary, AWH partnered with IncludeHealth to build an AI program that will change the way physical therapists all over the world administer workouts and measure client results. By training a machine learning model to identify a human body and estimate the location of the human joints we were able to build an artificial intelligence model that can report on things like trunk lean, number of reps, speed, and more. This provides the physician with more information than if their client was physically in the office, and during a global pandemic, being able to do your job virtually protects the health of the physical therapists and their clients.

Here at AWH we are proud to work with clients like Include Health who drive innovation and create social impact. This short video provides insights into the process of building a digital product and how machine learning was utilized to revolutionize the whole experience. We will release another video soon detailing how you can dabble with machine learning on your own.

-Taylor Miller, Marketing Strategist at AWH

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