Designing for Accessibility

Non-Text Content

Two images, one with a generic description — elephant — the other with more descriptive text — Image depicting a giraffe laying down in a Kenya grassland. Trees, blue sky, and clouds are in the background.

Use of Color

Two images, first image is a shop site screen grab of a green t-shirt. Additional t-shirt colors are shown below in square colored blocks. The second image is similar, except the colors also have the text names next to them.

Contrast Minimums

Four different button examples. First is a hot pink button with white text, second is a gradient colored button — hot pink / purple with white text, third is a purple button with white text, and fourth is a white button with purple text and purple outline.

Extra resources


Examples of different color blindness and how colors are perceived. Normal vision, Protanopia, Tritanopia, Deuteranopia and Monochromacy.


Bonus Round:




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We help companies fuel growth through technology. Connect with us at

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