Core Web Vitals — Measuring Web App Performance

Web Vitals



  1. It only measures the delay between the action and the start of handling that action.
  2. It is dependent on user interaction.


Measuring Core Web Vitals

  • PageSpeed Insights is a tool by Google that can scan your site for performance issues and suggest fixes. It also uses data from the Chrome User Experience Report to give you real user data from the last 28 days.
  • You can access the Core Web Vitals report for your site in the Google Search Console. You do need to verify your ownership of the site, but you can also get more historical data this way.
  • The web-vitals JavaScript library can be used to record Core Web Vitals data directly from your site. It’s up to you how (or if) you record the data returned from the library, but it does give you real user data for every user of your site or application.
  • The Web Vitals Chrome extension can be used to view the Core Web Vitals of a page in real-time and is very useful for measuring while the application is under development.
  • Scanning tools, like WebPageTest and Lighthouse, can be used to gather performance metrics. These tools can even be automated and run periodically. But they cannot measure FID due to the lab environment, and thus can only report TBT, which does correlate strongly with FID but is not a full replacement.


-Andrew Moscardino, Software Developer at AWH. We are helping companies fuel growth through technology.



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