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The AWH team builds software products for client sales teams to close more sales, faster.

Sales is an information-centric process. A software product that helps sales teams to collect, process, analyze, and act on information more efficiently allows them to demonstrate value with prospects sooner and more clearly. Complex sales call for clarity around the problem, potential solutions, and the path to a solution. Often the inhibitor to a sale progressing is the inability for the salesperson to gather, process, and demonstrate value for a prospect. Although relationships are still an important part of selling, it is critical that the seller possess an understanding of the prospect’s problem, provide insights around the challenge, and propose a solution that makes sense for the prospect.

Salespeople often gather information manually (i.e. written on paper). However, this process makes it difficult to close the sale. Information fails to be transferred into a CRM, handwritten notes are challenging to interpret, and data is entered incorrectly. Inefficiency in gathering, processing, and acting on information is one of the major challenges for sales teams. Current sales tools like CRMs and proposal generators leave gaps for salespeople to fill in on their own, making it hard for sales leaders to understand the true status of opportunities and overall pipeline volume and velocity.

Here are some examples of software products we have created to help our clients sell more, faster:

The core value proposition for software products is to improve business processes and drive business outcomes by removing information bottlenecks. Software products as part of the sales process are no different. Custom software products fill the gaps left by off-the-shelf products and help sales team sell faster and more efficiently.

An elite team of product creators and data problem solvers.

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