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How We View Leadership

When we think of the leadership within an organization, we typically think of someone sitting in the C-suite, a CEO, a President, a COO because that’s been the standard, what’s been ingrained in our mind. And when you close your eyes, you probably see something like this:

Icons, glyphs, images. All can be used to help convey messages and ideas, or to act as indicators or signifiers in a user interface. I’ll be going over tips to create a set of icons specifically for use on screens.

Simplicity and Clarity

Icons are meant to be immediately understood by the user, ideally without the use of supporting text. They’re meant to be language agnostic, simple and clear to the user. These will often be displayed at small sizes to users, so keeping them readable when scaled down is a must — simplicity in your design will aid in readability.

Amongst all the changes and turmoil in 2020, we’ve had a good year at AWH. We continue to grow our team and engage with interesting clients on creating interesting software products and solving data challenges. One of the reasons we’ve were able to continue to grow in 2020, despite the challenges it has thrown, is because of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

2018 — The Learning Curve

We started implementing EOS in 2018 when we realized we weren’t as focused and organized as we could be. Meetings were being run differently across the company and we didn’t really have companywide objectives that were known by the…

Graphic of a man in a suit standing holding a money sign
Graphic of a man in a suit standing holding a money sign

Some startups can be bootstrapped to achieve a similar outcome as an investment-backed startup.

Some investment-backed startups can achieve a positive outcome like an acquisition without a marquee investor(s).

And then there are the startups that need an investor to be a market maker for them to be successful.

Clubhouse is a great example of a startup that has been funded by and propelled by an investor. Andreesen Horowitz has not only led the funding of Clubhouse but has actively promoted and engaged with the app. Andreesen Horowitz partners and team members have actively participated in and have helped to…

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that we are adaptable. From our children virtually learning, to Zoom happy hours with friends, to live-streamed concerts and online conferences, we’ve voyaged into a virtual existence. And working virtually is at the forefront. Prior to 2020, many companies, large and small, had work from home procedures in place, typically for emergency situations, but now it has become the norm. Companies have learned that employees can thrive, productivity can skyrocket, and that there is a better work/life balance, which leads to improved overall organizational performance. We have seen companies such as…

An effective pitch deck is an important tool for founders looking to raise investment for their startup. The challenge many founders face is that they aren’t great storytellers and they don’t know what to focus on in their pitch decks, so the lead often gets buried.

Besides burying the lead, you must also avoid your pitch deck becoming stagnant. It’s not uncommon to see pitch decks that are completely outdated compared to what the founder is publishing on their website or presenting to the world.

Back to storytelling. Founders who are good at raising investment for their companies get good…

The world of work is changing. Traditional attitudes toward carrot and stick management are over. Instead, employers that want to attract and retain the best talent need to take a more collaborative approach toward managing team member performance.

How can employers turn traditional team member evaluations into more of a collaboration that engages their workforce in the success of the company mission? Can employers create a new kind of performance management system that retains their workforce longer? …

Now that we have a startup industry and successful founders are business icons and cultural celebrities, being a founder is of interest to more people. The problem is the best and most successful founders never intended to do so.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with thousands of founders through our work building digital products and solving data problems at AWH, my involvement with Startup Grind, angel investing, and speaking about creating products and companies. …

Great hiring is an important part of maintaining and growing any company. For a software development firm, it’s critical to have a process for identifying the best developers out there and finding those that are not only technical standouts, but that also fit your organization’s culture. We’ve been trying to perfect this process for years and what we’re doing now really works.

Build the Pipeline

If your firm is like ours, you have a recruitment program that continuously builds your talent pipeline. We utilize a variety of means to identify as many potential candidates as possible, such as:

· Job postings and ads

You have to be interested in the problem and your user’s existence associated with the problem to build a great product.

One of the primary reasons bad and unsuccessful products get built is because the people building the product are not interested in the problem and how it affects users. If you’re apathetic about a problem you’re going to build a product that users feel apathetic about. Users can tell when a product conveys a lack of interest and knowledge about a problem and their existence around the problem.

It’s easy for product teams to get caught up in the…


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