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The value of a test kitchen when creating a product is immense.

The ability to test and iterate based on real usage with real users is invaluable to getting to the root of a problem, understanding a user’s existence, and removing friction.

Even the smallest and tightest group of beta users still takes coordination effort and time that is crucial when you have an early product. Having an internal test kitchen where hypotheses can be proven or disproven quickly and with the smallest amount of effort reduces time and increases accuracy to market. …

For most organizations quality assurance and testing are the same thing. Many of these organizations mistake quality assurance for quality control. I will be discussing the need for both and how they differ. I will discuss who is responsible for each and how they fit into agile development.

Quality assurance has often been mistaken as quality control (testing). Quality control or QC consists of making sure that a product works and meets requirements. Normal QC efforts may consist of manual testing, development testing, systems and integration testing, automation testing, regression testing and many more. This process is considered the best…

Xamarin.Forms is a powerful toolkit to build cross-platform mobile apps in the .NET ecosystem. It’s fast, stable, and relies on a mature development stack. Unfortunately, it’s only a toolkit and not a full-featured framework. Which can make it tough to start a new app or to keep an existing app maintainable as there’s no “correct” way to organize your code.

Thankfully using some common .NET packages and techniques, it’s easy to build a simple, extendable, and unit-testable MVVM setup in Xamarin.Forms. …

One of the great satisfactions of leading a company is when team members come back.

There are the obvious reason of good team members being hard to find and we want to hang on to them, but team members who leave and come back have meaning much deeper than that for themselves, for the rest of the team, and for the company.

Boomerang team members, as they are often referred to as, are an important proof point for a company and the rest of the team. A team member who is valued who leaves is a blow to a company…

Creating anything is hard. Creating something that is commercially successful is ridiculously hard.

Starting a company is irrational. I write about this in my book The Founder’s Manual. It is irrational because most products and companies won’t work. We know this, but we signup to start companies despite the odds.

Why? Because creators create.

Just as an artist’s last painting or a musician’s last song doesn’t define them as a person, neither does a founder’s product or company.

Creators run the risk having their personal identity wrapped up in their work and what they produce. Creators have to be able…

Reverse Engineering a Hosting Setup

I have landed in this spot dozens of times in my career. The spot where I end up responsible for supporting or untangling something I didn’t build. Something that has very minimal or zero documentation and where I don’t have access to previous development resources. But here I am, with admin access or root credentials, being told to figure it out. I need to find a scent. I need to put my nose to the ground and see where the people that built this thing used to frequent.

Usually, I like to start with generating a list of questions for…

How We View Leadership

When we think of the leadership within an organization, we typically think of someone sitting in the C-suite, a CEO, a President, a COO because that’s been the standard, what’s been ingrained in our mind. And when you close your eyes, you probably see something like this:

Icons, glyphs, images. All can be used to help convey messages and ideas, or to act as indicators or signifiers in a user interface. I’ll be going over tips to create a set of icons specifically for use on screens.

Simplicity and Clarity

Icons are meant to be immediately understood by the user, ideally without the use of supporting text. They’re meant to be language agnostic, simple and clear to the user. These will often be displayed at small sizes to users, so keeping them readable when scaled down is a must — simplicity in your design will aid in readability.

Amongst all the changes and turmoil in 2020, we’ve had a good year at AWH. We continue to grow our team and engage with interesting clients on creating interesting software products and solving data challenges. One of the reasons we’ve were able to continue to grow in 2020, despite the challenges it has thrown, is because of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System).

2018 — The Learning Curve

We started implementing EOS in 2018 when we realized we weren’t as focused and organized as we could be. Meetings were being run differently across the company and we didn’t really have companywide objectives that were known by the…

Graphic of a man in a suit standing holding a money sign
Graphic of a man in a suit standing holding a money sign

Some startups can be bootstrapped to achieve a similar outcome as an investment-backed startup.

Some investment-backed startups can achieve a positive outcome like an acquisition without a marquee investor(s).

And then there are the startups that need an investor to be a market maker for them to be successful.

Clubhouse is a great example of a startup that has been funded by and propelled by an investor. Andreesen Horowitz has not only led the funding of Clubhouse but has actively promoted and engaged with the app. Andreesen Horowitz partners and team members have actively participated in and have helped to…


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